October 28, 1990 - March 10, 2004

Trapper was given to me by a breeder who could not sell him


Trapper was a great hang out dog, lots of fun to train dna picked things up very quickly.  His fear of people unknown to him left him out of any competitive venues.


He was, however, an incredible working dog!!  His strong eye balanced off by the power in his body and his sensibility towards stock made him an excellent, honest worker.  When working stock, nothing else existed for him.  This was one of the few places in his life where he felt completely comfortable and didn't worry about his surroundings.


We used him alot when moving the sheep and when training young dogs.  He was great at moving hard to handle sheep.  His relaxed demeaor didn't rattle flighty sheep.


Trapper also excelled in the area of visitation.  Amazingly enough, for a dog terrified of those he didn't know, he was wonderful in nursing homes and hospitals.  We jus tlet him off leash and he would wanter among the wheelchairs and walkers.  He was great with the elderly, not at all thrown by the weird looking contraptions they are sitting in or using to walk.


Heartbreakingly, we lost Trapper to cancer while we were away on vaction.  Cheryl made the decision we ourselves would have made, and held him for us while he made his pass to The Bridge.