Imp Jay



May 19, 2003 - March 12, 2016


We lost Tigger unexpectedly.  Our hearts are broken.  Our time with him was too short.


He had a heart as large as the world.  He never met a person he didn't love.


We miss you Wiggly Worms.  You took a large part of our hearts with you.


Tigger Facts:


Liz  x  Glen

Bred by Serge Vander Zweep



DofB - May 19, 2003


Tri Colour, Brindle Markings

Eyes - DNA Normal for CEA/CH 

Elbows - WCVM Normal

Hips - WCVM Good

18" tall







Iron Dog Award


ExS Bronze

ExJ Bronze


AAC Sk/Mb Regional Championships

16" Veterans Division

2011 - 5th Place


Tigger, or Wiggle Worms as we affectionately call him, is a small guy, standing only 18" tall and 38 pounds.  He is a lovely little tri colour with brindle markings.


We purchased Tigger from our friends at Rising Sun Farm, when he was 15 months old.  His picture was just too cute, and when I jokingly contacted Becky to see if she was interested in selling him, she was!  We jumped at the chance to have him.


He is a very strong eyed little herding dog.


Tigger ejoys agility, he is a great team partner for Darren.


Tigger LOVES flyball!!  he runs in the low 4's even over 14" jumps!  He runs any position, on any team and always gives it his all.


Tigger is also great buddies with our son, Brayden.  They have a great time playing around the yard together.