2002 - January 15, 2016


Suzy lost her fight with cancer.  We held her as she flew to the stars.


Suzy fought breast cancer in 2014 and beat that, but she couldn't beat this. 


Fly free sweet girl.  Until we see you again . . . .



Suzy was one of 183 Border Collies confiscated from a puppy mill / hoarder situation down in Texas.  


Regardless of what human kind has previously done to her, she is a lovely dog with a wonderful temperament with people.  Our son adores her.


Everyone gets a chuckle out of her unusual, curly coat . . . dubbing her nickname "curly sue".


Click Here to view Suzy's life before coming to live with us.


Suzy has obviously had many litters.  When she went in to be spayed, they discovered 3 cancerous tumors in her vaginal sheath.  Due to their location, the prognosis was not good as they couldn't get the margins.


When Darren read of Suzy's future, short tho it was assumed to be at that point, we contacted our friends at Arizona Border Collie Rescue (who took in 22 of these dogs) and asked to adopt Suzy.  She became the 4th dog we have adopted from them.  They were happy to have her come live with us.


The time frame given to her was 3 mo - 3 years.  We have now had dear Suzy in our family for just over 2 years, and no sign of that nasty cancer . . . yet.


We started her on a similar homeopathic protocol to our old Dave (who was also given 3 months, and lived to be 15 years old!) and, so far so good!

Suzy Facts:


DofB - 2002??


Tri Colour, with a perm!



Adopted from our friends at Arizona Border Collie Rescue