February 1991 - December 6, 2003


Spud was a very special fellow.  He was a Rough Collie X, quite a big boy.  I liked to call him our "friday at Five to Five" dog.  He seemed to be a bunch of different doggie parts thrown together to make 1 dogs.


He was a kind soul at heart, but not at all trusting of people he didn't know.  He was a huge snuggler and tried very hard to be a lap dog.


We got Spud as a puppy from the local SPCA.  He had a large injury on the side of his head, a gift from his previous owners!


He was epileptic due to the head injury he suffered.


Spuddy was one of a kind.  We miss him very much and know he waits at The Bridge for us.


Spud was adopted from our local SPCA