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DofB - October 31, 2002


Jaymee, Scout, Carling, Fia, Dirk, Cori, Tip and Britt


All these wonderful souls have their own page. 


Standsure's Sin Sirche Du

Standsure's Deas Gu Cath

Standsure's Milis Carling

Standsure's Dorchadas d'he Sith

Standsure's Black Watch

Standsure's Cu Chaorach

Standsure's Flynn Torin

Standsure's Highland Nemesis


This litter was themed after my love of Scotland.  So, Gaelic or Scottish was the theme.

The Brat Pack 2


Dirk, Tip, Cori, Jaymee, Britt, Fia, Scout

Missing - Carling

Laying in front - mom - Spring

Standsure's Season In Motion

bred to

Imp Red Spot VIII


loved and missed by our friends at Rising Sun Farm