Standsure's Season In Motion


December 28, 1997 - August 1, 2014

I let Spring fly free today.  It was the most difficult decision I've had to make.  

She was one of my closest friends, irresistable . . . irrepressible . . . irreplaceable.


Run free sweet Spring.  I miss you so.


Spring Facts:


Jynx  x  Turbo


DofB - December 28, 1997


Black and White Tri Colour

Eyes - DNA Non Carrier Clear CEA/CH  CERF Clear

Elbows - OFA Normal

Hips - OFA Excellent

19" tall





Novice, Open and Elite Versatility Awards



EXSt Gold  EXJ Gold  ExS Silver  ExTR Bronze  ExSC Bronze

Versatility Silver



Spring is a strikingly marked, tri colour lass.  


Spring is retired now, and still going strong, pushing 16 years old.  I am so lucky to still have her.


Her name suits her perfectly.  She is the eternal optimist, always taking a "glass half full" attitude to life.  


She was always game for anything anyone wanted to teach her, and learned it almost immediately!!  She is a living example is "once is a habit for a border collie".


Spring always approached all training with a sense of humour, lacking the serious attitude her mother had.  She loved adding her quirky edge to any given exercise.


She never questioned anything I asked her to do, be that going across a dog walk or climbing a tree, jumping a jump or sliding down a slide.  It never occurred to her to be worried or concerned.  


She always had a courageous, adventurous spirit, which always made her alot of fun.


Oh January 1, 2007, Spring surrered an FEC that paralyzed her hind quarters for a short period of time.  Bless her heart, in true fashion and through extreme pain, with a paralyzed back end, she still tried to retrieve the holey roller to me!


Through rehab, Spring regained most of her hind quarter use, but always remained a bit weak.  She played on, continually winning her class at Regional Championships, then pulling off the big one - winning a National Championship!


Spring ran her final, well deserved retirement round in October of 2011, at almost 14 years old.


Her list of achievements are many, but her biggest is being my heartsong.

Achievements at Regional and National Championships

All are at AAC events:


Sk/Mb Regional Championships 22" Regular Division

2001 - 3rd Place

2002 - Regional Champion

2003 - 3rd Place

2004 - 3rd Place


Regional and National Championships 16" Specials Division

2005 Regional Championships - 4th Place

2005 National Championships - 5th Place

2006 Regional Championships - Regional Champion

2006 National Championships - 2nd Place


Regional and National Championships 10" Veterans DD

2007 Regional Championships - Regional Champion - 679 points!

2007 National Championships - 5th Place

2007 National Steeplechase Finals - 2nd Place

2008 Regional Championships - Regional Champion

2008 National Championships - 2nd Place

2009 Regional Championships - Regional Champion

2009 National Chamionships - National Champion

2010 Regional Championships - Regional Champion

2010 National Championships - 5th Place

2011 Regional Championships - 5th Place, at 13 1/2 years old, her final big event.