? - October 30, 2009.  We figure she was roughly 15 years old when we lost her.


Shine was adopted from our friends at Arizona Border Collie Rescue


After the sudden loss of Bud in August, 2008, our house seemed so entry and very sad without our old soul.


We decided to wait for a while to let our household adjust to Bud's loss and the addition of Fia's daughter, Flirt.


Darren was down in Scottsdale for the Cynosports Games in November of 08.  There he ran into our wonderful friends at Arizona Border Collie Rescue, Bud's friends.


A phone call followed his visit with them . . . they had an old gal in rescue, should we adopt her?  Her name was Nana.  I told him sure, let me know what he thought and, if he thought she was a fit in our household, just bring her home as it would save one of us the drive down later!


Darren and Nana arrived home 3 days later.


We renamed her Shine.  She was such a very old soul, with her loving spirit "shining" through her old soul eyes.  She was deaf, but "listened" to hand signals very well.


Shiney fit in just fine.  She attached herself to our toddler son, Brayden.


God only allowed us one year with Shine, but she was well loved and is dearly missed.