May 1, 1996 - July 2, 2007


Shaia was adopted from Great Lakes Border Collie Rescue.


We welcomed Shaia into our household on April 28, 2004. 


They say God never hands you more than you can handle.  In a 4 month span of time, we lost Trapper, Spud and Dave - We thought we had hit our limit.


They also say God does things for a reason. 


After Trapper passed, Darren walked into my office and told me to start looking for either an elderly dog or a special needs dog to adopt into our family.  We had always said that, after we lost some of our beloved old ones, we would adopt a dog that needed a home.


Perhaps God took our loved ones from their wonderful lives with us so another soul could live their life in peace, security and love?


Her favorite trick was to shake a paw, which she would offer to anyone.


Shaia was a lovely old soul, we miss her with all our hearts.