February 14, 1998 - April 12, 2013


Rowan was adopted from our friends at Arizona Border Collie Rescue


We adopted Rowan from our friends at Arizona Border Collie Rescue.


Rowie was our third senior from the gals in Arizona, we owed them yet another debt for allowing this lovely old soul into our lives.


We were so lucky to have Rowie for 2 1/2 years before she had to go.


Rowie was trained in flyball, agility, obedience and disc dog.  We are still stymied as to why her former family didn't want her anymore and dumped her at the animal shelter in Phoenix.  But, we do thank them as she would never have come to join our family had they not thrown her away.


The first night she met Brayden, they were laying on the carpet together . . . she chewing a bone and he laying right, smack beside her.  What a lovely old gal she was.


Rowie had to leave us while we were away on a family holiday.  Thanks so much to Cheryl and Pam for holding Rowie and helping her on her final journey.  She left us, gained wings and flew up to Rainbow Bridge.


We miss our old girl so very much, but she is free of discomfort and happily playing until we get to see her again.


Run free Rowis we miss you, doG speed.