Rising Sun's Chief Redpath



I had been suggesting to Darren that it was time for him to get a young dog.  He told me he didn't want a puppy, but something around a year old.  I scoured rescue sites for months and, as usual, kept checking Becky and Steve's to wee what they had.


When Robin appeared on their website, I was very taken . . . but he was RED!  Everything I surfed looking for a youngish dog for Darren, I kept going back to him.  I suggested Darren go down to Minnesota to meet him and see what he thought.


Robin and Darren arrived home the following week.  And, what a lovely little dog Robin is!!  he is a striking mahogany red.


He was thrown into life with a 3 year old, an 18 year old cat and 8 other doggy siblings.  He took all that in stride.


Robin is double bred on Red Spot, which thrills me as I adored Spot!


As he has matured, he has developed a long, silky coat, similar to Jaymee's.  He is stunning!


Darren is having alot of fun training and running Robin.




Robin Facts:


Ris'n Sun Veruca  x  Rayzor

Bred by Rising Sun Farm

Minnesota, USA


DofB - Aug 1, 2009


Red and White

Eyes - DNA Normal for CEA/CH 

Elbows - WCVM Normal

Hips - WCVM Excellent

19" tall



robin atchc.jpg