Rising Sun's Quinn


Quinn was the start to our love affair with the Border Collies of Rising Sun Farm (Becky Beckmann and Steve Burdine, Stacy, Minnesota).


Quinny was absolutely breathtaking to look at!


She was a black and white stealth bomber.


She was inbelievably sharp!!  her intellect never ceased to amaze us.  


We both ran her in agility, but she LOVED flyball with her dad.  Quinn ran the consistent low 4's, regardless of start or finish of day, regardless of height of boards or of her spot in the line up.


Quinn was awesome working sheep, nice, naturally wide out run.


Kim and Quinn did rally o together, and Quinny rocked that venue as well.


Darren and Quinn had a wonderful friend and partnership.  She tried very hard for him.  They were definitely "kindred spirits"


Quinny's diagnosis of Cushings in May of 2012 effectively ended her sports career early.   On April 19, 2014 her body lost its fight, tho her spirit was still strong.


We miss you SO MUCH Quinny.  Run Free sweet one.


Until we meet again . . . . 


Quinn Facts:


Rising Sun Ripley  x  Spot


Black and White

Eyes - DNA Normal by Parentage

Elbows - OFA Normal

Hips - OFA Excellent

20" tall



Quinn was diagnosed with Cushings Disease in May, 2012.  This effectively ended her sports career.  She has a tumor on her adrenal gland which has not been biopsied, so she is on cancer preventative measures.








ATCHC  ExG Bronze

Quinny was Darren's Kindred Spirit, Run Free Sweet One

May 24, 2001 - April 19, 2014