Brockwood's Animation


Pixel Facts:


DofB - January 4, 2007


Tri Colour Rough

Eyes - Clear

Elbows - WCVM Dysplastic

Hips - WCVM Good

12" tall









AAC Sk/Mb Regional Championships 10" Regular Division

2010 - Regional Champion

2013 - 3rd Place

2014 - Regional Champion


Thanks so much to Sandra and Ian of Brockwood Kennels for this wonderful little soul.


Pixel, Pickles, The Bick, Spike . . . whatever we chose to call her, she is just plain fun!!


She has a wonderful mind on her, she tries very hard and is alot of fun to run.


Pixel our son's best friend, they play together for hours out in the yard.


She is our first journey outside the world of Border Collies, and has been an absolute blast!


Darren had been focusing on flyball with her, and she has done very well there.  Now Kim is focusing on her agility career.  


In 2016, it was obvious Pixel's elbows are bothering her, so we have retired her.  She will run the odd jumpers course at 6", but that is it. 

Her full time job is now just being a hang out, reitred, well loved little dog.

her sight is pretty much gone and her hearing is on its way out as well.