Our Breeding Philosophy

We breed very selectively and, to date, have only had three litters.  We generall breed when we need a young dog, which means we only breed every 4 - 6 years.


We place our puppies very selectively.  We want both puppy and parents to have long, happy relationships with each other.  We consider our puppies to be "our puppies" for their entire lives.  They ALWAYS have a home with us.


We have a very strict, non negotiable contract. Our contract was done with hours of research and thought to what we wanted for our puppies and puppy people.  The contract is available upon request.


We don't ship our puppies.  If you are interested in one of our puppies, be prepared to either fly or drive here to pick him or her up.

All our dogs (both breeding and non breeding) as well as puppies from our breedings are eye checked.  With the inception of DNA testing for eyes, we have DNA tested our dogs.  We do prelim xrays on hips around 1 year of age and get them redone, as well as elbows, at 2 years of age for their final evaluation.  We try to ensure we are breeding the best possible dogs we can.


When purchasing a puppy from Standsure, you get us in the deal.  We are always here to help, offer suggestions, encouragement and so on.  We are always in contact with our puppy people and are kept up to date on their progress through life.


We go to great lengths to ensure we are breeding a working Border Collie.  We try to get our dogs on sheep as much as possible.  That has been more difficult recently.


We do breed a Border Collie "conformationally correct" to what a working dog should be.