Rising Sun's Heartsong

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"Roo" is a combination of 3 of my favorite lines from Becky and Steve:  the Mowtion line, the Spot line and the Shep line.


When i saw a picture of Sara's litter, this pup drew me right away.  I watched as she matured and then was for sale.  I couldn't believe my luck when I asked Becky to sell her to us and the answer was yes!!


We really didn't need a dog at that time, but Darren adore's Quinny and Lyric is as close to Quinn in everything as could be.


Lyric has turned out to be quite the clown! 

Her sport training started when she was around 4 years old.  To that time, she was too insecure to focus or be in areas she was unsure of.

But, she hit 4 and all of a sudden, everyone is her friend, nothing really fizzes her.

I started running her a bit, feo, to get her in the ring and see if she would have any issues in there, nope!

Darren took over her training and trialling in early 2016.  They are doing really well together.  She is forcing Darren to learn a bunch of the new handling stuff, you know, so he can keep up  with her!

Lyric Facts:


Rising Sun Sweet Sara  x  Rising Sun Ladd


DofB - March 12, 2011


Black and White

Eyes - DNA Normal by parentage

20" tall








ExS Bronze

FDCH - Gold