? 1992 - January 9, 2006



Libby was a Border Collie x.  She was one of our rescues.  Darren found her on the highway not far from our house.  He stood there in the cold and pursuaded her to come to him.


I'll never forget hearing the doorbell ring.  I opened the door and there stood Darren with this little quivering bundle of fur in his arms.  "Can we help her?"  yep.  We helped her, adopted her and loved her for her entire life.


Libs was about a year old, emaciated, couldn't keep food down and just plain scared.


Carefully we nursed her back to health.  She became a lovely little family member and, a great little trial girl for Darren.  She adored Darren!


Libby was Darren's first ever dog to train.  She tried everything he asked of him, her whole being centered on pleasing him.


We lost Libby to a brain tumor.  She passed in Darrens arms, the same way she came into our household.


Rest well little one, you will see him again.

Darren found Libby on the highway by our house.  She was cold, scared and starved.







AAC Stats 2001

#8 Specials Dog Overall

#8 Jumpers, #4 Snooker, #7 Team Relay

Regional and National Championships 16" Specials Division

2001 Regional Championships - Regional Champion

2001 National Championships - 2nd Place


Regional and National Championships 10" DD Veterans Division

2002 Regional Championships - Regional Champion

2002 National Championships - 6th Place

2003 Regional Championships - 2nd Place

2003 National Championships - 5th Place

2004 Regional Championships - 3rd Place

2004 National Championships - 3rd Place