Whistlejack's Jynx On You


Jynx was a flashy, split faced lass.  She was a wee bit of a thing with a huge personality.


She was my kindred spirit, my best friend.  She always gave me 200%.  She was a serious little worker, had a wonderful temperament and great personality.  She was a highly competitive little dog in anything she did.  She played to win!


From puppyhood, she and I bonded very closely.  We had great respect for each other, and a wonderful working relationship.  Competing with her in any venue was a high!  i would come out of the competition and have to come down to earth.  She took me to amazing heights.  


She was everything I ever wanted in one package.


She loved the fast paced games of agility and flyball over the methodical control of the obedience ring.  She did VERY well in obedience tho.  She adored being in the Utility ring! She loved the work in that ring.


Sportwise, agility was her first love . . . and in this she excelled!  She won many an event in her long, successful career.  She made me look like I knew what I was doing even when things were going desperately wrong.


Her true love though, was herding.  She was a brilliant little stock dog, powerful in both eye and presence.  She worked nice and smooth, responding well to commands.  She always made the right decisions, even if I didn't.


She loved the drive, pen and shed.  These, to her, were power moves.  Jynx loved control and that she had in spades in these particular parts of herding.


After Jynx retired, she played FEO in the Starters ring, right up until a month before I lost her.


Jynx was my Kindred Spirit, my heart, my soul and one of the great loves of my life.  She was a once in a lifetime dog.


I miss her everyday, tho I do wake up and know she has slept with me that night.


Jynx Facts:


Brynjack's Quinn  x  Brynjack's Handshake


Black and White, Tri Colour

BAER Normal

Eyes - CERF Clear

Elbows - WCVM Normal

Hips - WCVM Good

18.75" tall


My Foundation Bitch

July 15, 1993 - December 21, 2006

Invited to run with the CKC 2003 World Team in France, we declined to go.





ATChC  ExSt Gold, ExJ Silver  ExG Gold  ExTr Silver

Versatility Silver

Lifetime Award of Excellence  (2nd in Canada to receive)

Two Time National Champion



Novice and Open Versatility Award


Jynx was, quite simply, my Kindred Spirit

Achievements at Regional and National Championships

All are at AAC events except where noted:


Regional and National Championships 22" Regular Division

2001 Regionals - Regional Champion

2001 Nationals - 3rd Place


Regional and National Championships 16" Veterans Division

2002 Regional Championships - 2nd Place

2002 National Championships - National Champion

2003 Regional Championships - 2nd Place

2003 National Championships - 2nd Place

2004 Regional Championships - 2nd Place

2004 National Championships - National Champion


Regional and National Championships 10" DD Veterans Divisions

2005 Regional Championships - Regional Champion

2005 National Championships - Retired at Event



NADAC National Championships - Calgary

16" Veterans - 3rd Place