Standsure's Sin Sirche Du

Translated - Standsure's Blackest Elf

October 31, 2002 - December 3, 2018

My dark horse has flown home.  He told me it was time.

As with his sister, I held him as he took his first breath, I held him as he took his last.

You will always be my little boy.


Jaymee Facts:


Spring  x  Spot


DofB - October 31, 2002


Black and White

Eyes - DNA Normal for CEA/CH CERF Clear

Elbows - WCVM Normal

Hips - WCVM Good

20.75" tall


Jaymee carries for Red


I have collected off Jaymee for future possibilities.









ExSt Bronze

ExG Silver

ExJ Bronze

Bronze Award of Merit

Versatility Bronze

Achievements at Regional and National Championships:


AAC Regional Championships 16" Specials Division

2009 - 2nd Place

2010 - 2nd Place

2011 - 2nd Place


Regional and National Championships 16" Veterans Division

2012 Regional Championships - 2nd Place

2012 National Championships - 14th Place


Regional and National Championships 10" DD Veterans Division

2013 Regional Championahips - 2nd Place, with an impressive 618 points!

2013 National Championships - 7th Place

2014 Regional Championships - 3rd Place

2015 Regional Championships - 5th Place


Jaymee was a handsome lad with a wonderful, long, silky coat.  He was absolutely stunning.


We used to call him "Kramer" as a puppy as he had these tufts of hair all over his head, down his back to his tail . . . and it stood straight up!  Never in a million years could we have imagined how stunningly he would turn out!


He had a wonderful attitude, everyone was his new best friend.  A good friend of mine described him as "Yimmers is a brand new, right off the assembly line soul.  He has to experience everything!"  This was such a great description of him.


Jimmers was always a very inquisitive nature.  He was an awesome team player and really focused on what was being asked of him.  He was a very honest little dog with the biggest heart in the world.


From the time he was born i so wanted to keep him, but also had fallen in love with his sister, Fia.  Bless Darren's heart, he just told me to keep both of them, and I am so glad I did!


Distraction was a huge obstacle we had to overcome, but overcome it we did.  He was trained in flyball, agility, obedience, rally o and works sheep.


His prey drive was VERY high, and he had a very intense eye.  


He was a great little sheepdog to work with.  He did lovely controlled walk ups and stayed with his stock nicely.  He could get a bit pushy, but backed off nicely.


In a nutshell, he was a lovely lad to train and work with, and I always smiled when we were done training or playing together.