Standsure's Peaceful Spring

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Imagine's registered name is in honour of her great grandmother, Spring, and her grandmother Fia.


Imagine and I are taking things a bit slow.  She learns very easy, but needs to build her confidence up before we take on the ring in any serious capacity.

I absolutely adore her! 

She is teaching me so much!!  She tries so hard and gives her all, but still holds back somewhat as being right seems more important to her right now.  We are working on building her speed so, after a brief sojourn into the ring to see what was up (and she does love the ring!!!) we pulled out again to work on her confidence level.

She has been progressing so well, but every once in a while she gets insecure again.  We are definitely headed the right direction.  I love playing with her!

But, if you asked what SHE would like to do with her life, she would inform you that being Brayden's hockey pal (now that Pixel has retired from the job) is her preference.  She loves her kid, sleeps with him, plays hockey with him . . . he easily could be her whole world!  She adores him.

I just love my "missy mamsters"!



EXSt Bronze

EXJ Bronze

EXG Bronze
EXS Bronze

Bronze Award of Merit

Bronze Versatility Award

Imagine Facts:


Flirt x Rayzor


DofB - November 30, 2014


Black and White

Smooth Coat

Eyes - Normal

Elbows - Clear

Hips - Normal

19.25" Tall


The story of "Imagine" . . .


This past summer, before Flirt came into season, I was trying to decide on 2 wonderful puppies I had the opportunity to purchase, or take the chance and wait for my own breeding of Flirt, which was iffy as she had already not taken once.


I was wandering through Walmart, thinking . . . and saw a t-shirt with John Lennon on it, which was something we just don't see around in this day and age. 


This was the sign I needed to make my decision, my favorite song was Imagine.  Imagine is peace and that is the theme of this litter.


The other Imagine from this story was, I had lost Spring and was trying to Imagine a future without one of my own breeding with me going forward.


Standsure's Peaceful Spring, in honour of two of my heart dogs . . . Spring and Fia.


I will never forget that day, nor will I ever forget either of her namesakes . . . Imagine . . .