Standsure's Huckleberry Finn

December 28, 1997 - December 18, 2014


Huck Facts:


Jynx  x  Turbo


DofB - December 28, 1997

Tri Colour

Eyes - CERF Clear

Elbows - OFA Normal

Hips - OFA Good

Huck is Hypothyroid

21.5" tall









Huck was a handsome, classically marked tri colour male.


He was the first puppy ever born at Standsure Border Collies.


He was a very high working drive and a medium eye.  As a homebody, he was such a couch potato! He was definitely the lap dog of the house.  He just loved to slither his long body up onto an available lap.  But, whip out a tennis ball and WHAM!  up and at'er!


As his name suggests, he had a great sense of humour.  His main downfall?  He figured everything had to be done at Mach II.  He was very sensitive and took it to heart if he feelt you weren't pleased with him or he had done something wrong.


Huck used to run the low to mid 4's in flyball over any height boards.  He was a real entertainer in agility.


He had also done Rally O in his performance career, achieving several perfect score performances.


Huck worked his sheep with a nice eye and relaxed body.


He was a joy to work with, a great buddy and all around fun guy!