Future Breedings At Standsure

As time has moved along, our lives are busy, our beloved dogs are aging.


I decided before I bred the Flirt x Rayzor litter, it would be my last.  When the litter was actively ripping around my house, I knew it would take Mohammad moving the mountain to get me to breed again.


I never say never, as life just doesn't work that way.


At this point, however, my breeding days are done.


The homes I have had, some of them since my first litter way back in 1997, have been dreams come trues.  And, as we all are, they too are aging.


I don't trust many homes with my dogs, and with the sport of agility heading the way it is (handlers wanting world dogs at 2, 3 and 4 years of age!!) I am just not interested in putting my beloved dogs in hands such as these.


As I said, never say never, but at this point, our breeding days are now done.


Thanks so much to those homes that have our beloved dogs, the dogs, and you, mean the world to us.