Flirt x Rayzor

DofB - November 30, 2014


Ellie, Sid, Imagine, Flint, Jagger, Bree


All these wonderful souls have their own page. 


Standsure's Star of Peace

Standsure's Spring Ice Age

Standsure's Peaceful Spring

Standsure's Arrow Spring

Standsure's Spring Into Action

Standsure's Grande Finale


This litter was themed after both Fia and Spring.  The Registered name must contain "Peace" (Fia's Gaelic Registered Name) or "Spring"


The only one with a name outside this theme was Bree, Grande Finale is due to this being my last litter.


loved by us here at Standsure Border Collies

Standsure's Jynx On You

bred to



Loved by Becky Beckmann and Steve Burdine at Rising Sun Farm


Photos courtesy of and owned by Rising Sun Farm