Standsure's Jynx On You



Flirt's registered name is in honour of her great grandmother, my beloved Jynx.


Flirt is a wee bit of a thing, with a HUGE resemblance to her auntie Quinn and her cousin Lyric.


She is just under 19 1/2" tall, around 33 lbs and very stunning.


Flirt is QUITE a piece of work!!  She has alot of fun but definitely has an independant streak that i am not used to. She also carries a pretty major sense of humour!


That said though, she is very serious about her fun.  


Her ears morph from up to down to one of each.  They never did decide to do just one thing.


She is an honest, hard working ring partner.  She lacked confidence as she started out, but that is coming along nicely.


Flirt and I are having a blast playing together.  I love the dogs as they age.  They know it all (or think they do) and love to take the bull by the horns and run.

Flirt is now semi retired, still having a ball in life.  I adore running her.  She now only plays in our facility where its warm and the turf is true, no slip and no divots.  Hard to believe we are running the twilight of her career now.

Love my girl!







ExSt Bronze 

ExG Silver

ExJ Bronze

ExS Bronze


Bronze Award of Merit
Versatility Bronze Award of Merit


AAC Sk/Mb Regional Championships 22" Regular Division

2012 - Regional Champion    HER FIRST APPEARANCE!!

2014 - 3rd Place

2015 - 6th Place (after almost a year off, and her first trial back in 22" after having her litter!)

2017 - Regional Champion 10" Vet Double Drop

2019 - Regional Championships - 3rd 10" Vet DD

Flirt Facts:


Fia  x  Shep


DofB - June 14, 2008


Black and White

Eyes - DNA Normal by parentage

Elbows - Normal

Hips - WCVM Good/Excellent

19.4" tall


Semi Retired