Fia  x  Shep

DofB - June 14, 2008


Ivy, Holly, Synge, Flirt, Vybe, Belle, Raven, Karma


All these wonderful souls have their own page. 



Standsure's Poison Ivy

Standsure's The Belle Tolls

Standsure's Superstition

Standsure's Tempting Fate

Standsure's Fire and Brimstone

Standsure's Black Raven

Standsure's Jynx On You

Standsure's Premonition


This litter was themed after my beloved Jynx, their great grandmother.  The theme was something to do with a "Jinx".

Standsure's Dorchadas d'he Sith

bred to

Imp Shep

The Flower Power Girls

Top l-r:  Belle, Raven, Synge

Middle l-r:  Flirt, Ivy

Front l-r:  Karma, Holly, Vybe


loved by our friends at Rising Sun Farm


loved by us here at Standsure Border Collies