Standsure's Dorchadas d'he Sith


Fia was a lovely 20.5" gal.  She had very nice bone and a wonderful shorter thick silky coat. 


When the puppies were born, as soon as their eyes were open I knew Fia was mine!  Something in those soft brown eyes drew me.  Most people are drawn to her soft expression.


She was a dream to train, learning quickly and always willing to try.  She was a much more serious dog than her mother though.  She tended to think things through before she jumped into something. She was also a very honest dog to train.


She was always a very focused parnter, nothing distracted her when we were working.  She was wonderful at assessing her options when we trained, this showed very distinctly in her obstacle discrimination.


She was absolutetly the most powerful, natural jumping dog I had ever trained!!  Having said that tho, she passed that along to her litter.


Fia and I had the honour of representing Canada at the World Agility Championships in England.  She made me very proud handling everything from the flight, to London traffic and crowds, to the world stage with both grace and class.  I was so very proud of her.


My most humbling memory of WAO was leaving her at the start line that first time . . . I remember walking away from her, nervous.  I turned around and looked back at her sitting there, and the look of confidence on her face was "Mom, we can do this!".  I immediately relaxed and knew we could.


We have done 1 flyball tournament, and she rocked it.


I had worked her on sheep.  She was a nice, easy working partner.  A bit pushy at times though!!


I can't say enough about her, but when I say "I LOVE THIS DOG", that pretty much summed her up!!


She was a very special girl, and she took me on an extraordinary journey.

She is very missed, a piece of my heart gone . . . .


Fia Facts:


Spring  x  Spot


DofB - October 31, 2002


Black and White

Eyes - DNA Normal by Parentage

Elbows - WCVM Normal

Hips - WCVM Good

20.5" tall


Translation - Standsure's Dark One Of Peace



2011 WAO Canadian Team Member - 26" Division

8th Overall Games Biathalon

16th Overall Biathalon







ATChC  MTRDC  MSCDC  ExST Gold  ExJ Silver  ExG Gold  ExS Silver  ExTR Bronze  ExSc Silver

Versatility Silver



Achievements at Regional and National Championships

All are at AAC events:


Regional and National Championships 22" Regular Division

2006 - 2nd Place

2007 - 2nd Place

2009 - 4th Place

2010 Regional Championships - Regional Champion

2010 National Championships - 10th Place

2011 Regional Championships - Regional Champion


Regional and National Championships 16" Specials Division

2012 Regional Championships - Regional Champion

2012 National Championships - 3rd Place

2012 National Steeplechase Finals 

2013 Regional Championships - Regional Champion

2013 National Championships - 7th Place


Regional and National Championships 10" DD Veterans 

2014 - Regional Championships - Regional Champion

2014 - National Championships - 2nd Place

2014 - Steeplechase Finals - 4th

2015 - Regional Championships - 3rd Place

October 31, 2002 - October 28, 2017

My dark girl is gone, my heart is broken.  I adored her. 

I held her as she took her first breath, I held her as she took her last.

Fly free my sweet girl.  This is not goodbye, but farewell until we meet again.