Rising Sun's Face-Off



"The best things come when you least expect them".


When Becky posted the photo of this wee one, I fell instantly in love!!  But, I certainly did not need another dog for myself.

Darren saw the photo and fell pretty much as hard as I did.

So, on my way back from a trial in Ontario, I picked up our new addition, Raider.

Raider is Beep's nephew.

We couldn't be more thrilled with this wonderful young lad!!

He is Darren's up'n coming young fella for agility and flyball.  They took to each other INSTANTLY!!  

Thanks once again to Becky and Steve at Rising Sun.  We are truly blessed 

Raider Facts:


Rising Sun Buster x  Rising Sun She's a Hottie

Bred by Rising Sun Farm

Minnesota, USA


DofB - July 9, 2019


Red and White

Eyes - DNA Normal for CEA/CH 

Elbows - tba

Hips - tba