? to August 2, 2008   Bud was roughly 14 years old.


Bud was adopted from our friends at Arizona Border Collie Rescue


After the loss of three of our elderly dogs, we decided to adopt an elderly soul from a rescue organization.  


I searched all over and kept coming back to Bud.


Thanks so very much to Arizona Border Collie Rescue for allowing Bud to share our lives.  They allowed not only an out of state adoption, but out of country!


Bud needed a home, but more importantly, we needed Bud!


He was deaf, had a bad leg (which had at one time been surgically fixed with metal plates) so was arthritic and hobbled around. 


He was a wonderful old soul.


He got along well with all our dogs, our cat and was wonderful with our young son.


Bud was with us for less than a year, but he enriched our lives forever.


We miss him terribly, and know he waits for us at The Bridge.


Til we meet again old friend . . .