I got my first registered Border Collie as an early Christmas gift from Darren.  


Allie was 7 months old and was not working out as a stock dog.  She was much too soft and had absolutely no herding instinct.


She taught me so much about this lovely breed, and was the most forgiving dog i have ever owned.


Her gentle demeanor and soft expression were a drawing card to people.


She achieved her CDX with little effort, but found the UD ring intimidating.  After she achieved her OTCh we stayed in the Open ring for the rest of her career.  She was a consisten 196+ scoring dog.  She was a very solid ring personality and loved performing in front of a crowd.


Allie was also my first agility dog.  She was extremely insecure in this venue, but with much patience on both our parts and with the help of great training advice from good friends, she went on to a wildly successful agility career.  


Darren took over running her in agility in 1998.  Allie taught him the ropes and took him onto a long and successful career.


Allie passed to The Bridge on December 10, 2004. 


We miss her dearly, but know she awaits us there.






ATChC  ExSt Gold  ExJ Silver  ExG Silver  ExS Silver  ExTr Bronze  Versatility Silver







Top Obedience Dogs in Canada - Miscellaneous Class

2000 - 9th Place

2001 - 5th Place

FIRST DOG IN AAC to achieve the Lifetime Achievement Award

2nd Dog in AAC to achieve the ATChC title

First Dog in AAC to pass the 200 Q mark


Top dogs for Canada 2000

#1 Dog for 2000, as of Dec 31, 2000

#2 Dog All Time, as of Dec 31, 2000


Top Dogs for Canada 2001

#1 Dog All Time, as of Dec 31, 2001

#1 Veteran Dog

#1 Veteran Dog Jumpers, Snooker and Team Relay

#2 Dog Gamblers



Regional and National Placemets:


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March 28, 1990 - December 10, 2004

Allie Facts:


May II  x  Digger


Black and White

Eyes - Cerf Normal

Hips - OFA Good

20.5" Tall