None of the dogs on our site are for sale.  These dogs are our loved family members.

We have no planned breedings at this time.

About Standsure

We have always loved our furry family.  I knew that one day I would like to breed, but also knew it would have to be a very special lass.  We had many wonderful dogs before I found my beloved Jynx, they all held our hearts in their paws.  Jynx tho brought me everything I wanted in one dog.


Upon several years of research, I was directed to a small kennel in William's Lake, BC - "Whitlejack Kennels".  There I found what I was looking for in a breeder, Sandy Stickney.  And, upon receiving a video tape of the litter that was just born, my eye was caught by the little split faced female, my heart thumpity thumped . . . there she was!  My heart knew this wee being was my Kindred Spirit.


Unfortunately, this puppy was spoken for.  When I arrived in William's Lake, the split faced female was again available.  I grabbed my heartsong - Whistlejack's Jynx On You.  She was my match in all ways.


I lost Jynx in 2006, not  day goes by that I don't miss her.  I still tear up when I look at photos of her, it is with both the pain of loss, and the smile of rememberance.


Jynx left behind a legacy I am VERY proud of.  I see her in all the generations of dogs that started with her.  I wake up many mornings knowing she has slept with me, just as she did when she was here.